Green Deal Shared Mobility

Inspired by the Dutch Green Deal on car-sharing,, The Shift, The New Drive and Mpact took the initiative to launch a Green Deal Shared Mobility with the Flemish Government.

The aim of the Green Deal is to accelerate the growth of shared mobility (car-sharing, carpooling and bike-sharing) in Flanders. The Green Deal is a partnership of many different organisations who are willing to undertake actions and to remove barriers to provide alternatives to car ownership.

The Green Deal, launched the 27th of March 2017, is an engagement between several parties and the Flemish government. At the moment of the kick-off, 80 organisations has signed the deal with three Flemish Ministers: Bart Tommelein (Energy), Ben Weyts (Transport and public works) and Joke Schauvliege (Environment). The signing organisations have chosen their own actions to contribute to the 4 objectives of the green deal, with 2020 as horizon.

Flanders in 2020

the number of car-sharers has increased to 80.000

the number of employers undertaking actions to support carpooling to work has doubled to 1.000

the number of bike-sharers has doubled to 400.000

the number of shared electric cars is 5 times higher than today and there is a regular offer of shared electric bikes


Among the signatories there are many different types of organisations:

  • (Shared) mobility operators
  • Research institutes
  • Provinces, cities and municipalities
  • Sector organisations (car renting, insurance, car industry)
  • Environmental NGO’s

Working groups

Twice a year, there will be a plenary meeting to follow-up the progress and to have interaction between the several actions.

In between there are several working groups to work in-depth on certain topics:

  • Technology and innovation
  • Multimodality
  • Business parks
  • Awareness raising
  • Legal aspects
  • Accessibility
  • Insurance
  • Transnational learning


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The Flemish Green Deal Shared Mobility is initiated by and Mpact as an action of the Interreg V North Sea Region project Share-North.

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