Deputy Head of Unit Sustainable and Intelligent Transport, European Commission (BE)

Isabelle Vandoorne has been a civil servant of the European Commission since 2001. She is deputy Head of the unit of DG MOVE called “sustainable and intelligent transport” focussing on digitalisation, multimodality and urban mobility. Previously she worked in the area of intelligent transport systems, of railways and of telecom, and in TAXUD.

Keynote: Is shared mobility the main mobility rock of a SUMP (sustainable urban mobility plan)?

We hear often that shared mobility is a first-mile/last-mile solution. You don’t agree? Does it really matter? Isabelle will share her views on the place of shared mobility in a SUMP.

Senior Project Manager ‘sustainable mobility’ @ City of Bremen (DE)

I have been doing this since 1996 – and still enjoy it. I stand for some ideas of a liveable City for everyone. Therefore, we want to improve conditions for walking and cycling, have a good public transport – and we promote (successfully) car sharing as alternative to car ownership. Funny result is also that the cycle-friendly City of Bremen has the highest share of cycling of all German cities above 500.000 inhabitants, a low congestion level and the lowest NO2 level (fulfilling the requirements). But still: a lot needs to be done …

Keynote: Sharing rocks, mobility rolls: some reflection what we share…

There are current talks and programms to connect, digitalise and app-etize. But we loose sometimes the view on one thing where sharing has been the basic since God created the roads (or whoever did it): roads, paths and street space. And car-ownership brought the bid space consumption and unfair, unproportional consumption of street space. Sharing is the approach to re-adjust the Situation – a necessary pre-requisite to get to more use of the sustainable modes…

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