MORNING – 11:00-12:30
The Future – The Van Jets

Today the self-driving car and new technologies such as blockchain are coming across. The topic of autonomous transport has enormous potential for cities and regions of the future, if guided in the proper direction. However, cities and regions need to make a decision soon about how they will deal with these developments. How can we make sure people, governments and companies are getting the idea of sharing on the radar in order to make every self-driving car a shared oneWe’ll live, we’ll live, we’ll live, we’ll live again! This jam session is linked to the Interreg North Sea Region project SHARE-North.

Moderator: Michael Glotz-Richter – City of Bremen (DE)

  1. Rafael Cuesta – Transport for Greater Manchester (UK)
  2. Tom Vöge – OECD – International Transport Forum (FR)
  3. Laurent Willaert – Febiac (BE)
  4. Thomas Geier – European Metropolitan Transport Authorities (NL)


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