MORNING – 11:00-12:30
Paradise City – Guns N’ Roses

According to the 2014 World Urbanization Prospects of the United Nations, currently there are globally more people living in urban areas than in rural areas. By 2050, 66 per cent of the world’s population is projected to be urban. This session is all about how to build our current and future paradise cities with care for public space and social cohesion. Shared mobility proofs to be a solution to decrease space consumption by individual car passion, so let’s make it a reflex to implement shared mobility in new building projects and recreating public spaceTake it to the end of the line!

Moderator: Tom Dhollander – Publieke Ruimte – Voetgangersbeweging (BE)

  1. Timo Wyffels – City Zen Roadshow (BE)
  2. Walter Dresscher – De Natuurlijke Stad (NL)
  3. Dries Bruyneel – City Deinze (BE)
  4. Manfred Wansink – Venhoeven CS (NL)



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